Web Accessibility

An accessible website is designed and coded to be more usable for people who are both differently abled and those with a temporary disability.


Build A Name For Yourself!

RPinfocare is a platform for Website Development, Cloud web Hosting, Domain names Booking & Auto magical Website Builder. Also it delivers E-learning Presentations & Projects for corporate & institutes to empower their instructors, for more about RPinfocare please visit its website. What is a Website, what are the steps to build it & why you … Continue reading Build A Name For Yourself!

RPinfocare: Make Things Happen !

RPinfocare: Make Things Happen !RPinfocare : Make Things Happen 'S New WordPress Website.At RPinfocare We Deals with WebHosting, Website Development, HD Video Editing, Visiting Cards--design, Graphics Design, Digital photo manipulation, Photo portfolio, Student Portfolio website, Photo MockUps, Business class E-Mail & Online Education.We Build Websites for all purposes, RPinfocare offers plethora of Domain names, Premium … Continue reading RPinfocare: Make Things Happen !