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What happens to my amazing body during pregnancy?

Over the course of the nine months of your pregnancy, your body has to adapt and make space for your growing baby, to ensure your baby’s growth and protection, and to prepare itself to give birth.

How do we Walk?

‘Human gait’ is the term to describe how we #walk. This gait will vary between each person, but the basics are the same. How do we Walk? To read Go to the Link -

Black Pepper – What is it Good For?

Black Pepper Botanical Name – Piper nigrum; Adds a warming and spicy note to cosmetics and aromatherapy blends. Used in small amounts topically, it is also antiseptic and invigorating.Black pepper has pain-relieving properties, making it an ideal addition to massage oils to ease sore muscles and joints. What Is It Good For? EASES ACHES AND … Continue reading Black Pepper – What is it Good For?

Which is better, a gas or an electric range Stove-Top?

Which is better, a gas or electric range? A range (also called a stove-top) is the open cooking surface where you fry, saute, and boil foods. Most good cooks prefer a gas over an electric range for reasons described later. Which gas is better for range cooking, propane or natural gas? Natural gas is superior. Propane generates … Continue reading Which is better, a gas or an electric range Stove-Top?

How to Test Assumptions?

Testing assumptions is probably the second most important creative thinking principle, because it is the basis for all creative perceptions. We see only what we think we see, Whenever we look at something, we make assumptions about reality, Optical illusions, one form of creative perceptions, depend on this phenomenon. To Read More Click here or Click the … Continue reading How to Test Assumptions?

Know the Rhythms of your Skin

As the largest organ in the body, your skin has its own rhythms. It is tempting to try to tame and bully your skin into submission, but getting in touch with its natural rhythms is the most straightforward path to a healthier complexion. To Read More Visit the below Link.