Web Accessibility

An accessible website is designed and coded to be more usable for people who are both differently abled and those with a temporary disability.


Why do manufacturers claim that their hand sanitisers kill 99.9% of germs?

The claim by manufacturers using 99.9% or 99.99% is a powerful psychological tool, more powerful than saying “highly effective against”.

Undertake research and collect citations using Google Scholar

By Using Google Scholar, Hours of research suddenly became a lot more organized and potentially fun. It is easy and natural to use the default Google Search method when researching topics, but to do so would be missing out on one of the most useful Google offerings. Scholar is designed specifically for researching academic literature and … Continue reading Undertake research and collect citations using Google Scholar

Add Picasa albums to your Website

Share your photos stored in Picasa directly on your website. Picasa is a great desktop application and cloud-based storage solution for all your photos. As well as the ability to edit photos (including adding special effects) inside the free desktop client, you can share albums online with friends and family by creating a Picasa Web … Continue reading Add Picasa albums to your Website

Remedies & Applications of Honey

Honey has a legendary ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, let's learn about Remedies & Applications of Honey. In India, ayurvedic physicians recommended using honey to promote good health, while the ancient Greeks believed that honey could promote both virility and longevity. Traditional Chinese healers started using honey thousands of years ago, and it continues to make up … Continue reading Remedies & Applications of Honey

Create a search engine ( Google Custom Search Engine )

Build a custom search engine for your website in minutes.

What happens to my amazing body during pregnancy?

Over the course of the nine months of your pregnancy, your body has to adapt and make space for your growing baby, to ensure your baby’s growth and protection, and to prepare itself to give birth.