Undertake research and collect citations using Google Scholar

By Using Google Scholar, Hours of research suddenly became a lot more organized and potentially fun.

It is easy and natural to use the default Google Search method when researching topics, but to do so would be missing out on one of the most useful Google offerings. Scholar is designed specifically for researching academic literature and journals and includes a number of simple features that come together to create a powerful solution that will save you a lot of time and improve the accuracy of your searching enormously. Each search result is presented with options below it that will automate the citation of each article and you can also then import them into your bibliography using your chosen referencing style with just a couple of clicks. Stats are available showing the number of citations and many of the results link directly to full articles which can be downloaded. The Related articles feature works throughout every search and allows you to narrow down the results to show all areas of research on a subject, or even a specific area within a topic.

Google Scholar never overwhelms with complexity and the results are always presented in a simple-to-follow way, so there is no reason not to try it if you need to do literary research on occasion. It is a top-class solution that just works.

To know more about How to use google Scholar Page  & how to work with Google Scholar ← visit the link.


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