Add Picasa albums to your Website

Share your photos stored in Picasa directly on your website.

Picasa is a great desktop application and cloud-based storage solution for all your photos. As well as the ability to edit photos (including adding special effects) inside the free desktop client, you can share albums online with friends and family by creating a Picasa Web Album.

This latter feature is potentially very useful for web designers and developers because the Google ecosystem offers an API that allows you to grab the contents of your Web Album and use them (via some clever JavaScript) to pull the data and images into your own pages, displaying a gallery on your website that’s customizable to suit your design. The setup isn’t as simple as using an embed link, but thankfully there’s a Google Code-hosted project that offers all the integration packaged into a handy script, so all you need to do is download and install the script onto your site.

Once you’ve got this setup, you can simply publish additional images to your Picasa Web Album and they’ll automatically populate onto your website. To know how to do it visit the Sunday Dusk


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