Indian Start-Ups – The E-commerce Impact

Era of E-Commerce in India

E-commerce is in the focus for growing start up businesses in India, many start ups are web & App based, all most all of them provide their services & products through e-commerce, I also noticed that small town business owners are now moving towards the e-commerce facility, believe it or not many Small & micro businesses are also opt for e-commerce & most of them are from rural India, yes you heard it right they are from Indian villages, now a days you can access internet from almost anywhere, & in coming years almost all Gram Panchayats will get Broadband services.

E-commerce business in India is mushrooming now. its speculated that e-commerce industry is going to grow over 40 to 47% during 2015 – 2020.

Website Service Providers’ Role

With the E-commerce & Start ups era begin in India, let’s evaluate what this means for website & web Technology  service providers like RPinfocare. According to AMI-Partners’ Global Forecast Model, 15% of India’s internet-connected Small-Medium Scale businesses have already launched a website with e-commerce capabilities. Nearly 30% Small-Medium Scale businesses will offer e-commerce facilities on their websites by 2020, predicts the study. (source: CXO Today)

These businesses operate on web based applications and require web technology infrastructure to support their businesses. E-commerce Businesses see enormous volumes of traffic, require powerful dedicated servers to be able to handle such traffic.

Apps for different platforms like Android, Apple, Windows etc. and websites for brands and start-ups operate best on Dedicated servers or VPS servers. Dedicated servers are ideal for websites that have heavy traffic, like the e-commerce sites that see up to 15 to 20 million visits a month!

At RPinfocare, we currently have great promos on domains & web hostings that allows you to start, run & grow in your e-commerce business.

E-Commerce cuts capital costs considerably, requires less manpower & globalizes your workforce, making it an excellent choice for start-ups that kick-off on a low budget, remember your website is your virtual sales man.

E-Commerce Enabled Business

The start-up rush has left micro businesses struggling to gain visibility & aggregate profits. The threat to the businesses is real. So lets see How can we Web technology service providers help their businesses pick up? simply Get them online! through websites & Apps. We at RPinfocare can also help Small-Medium Scale Businesses to become e-commerce websites by enabling them to Online Transaction. Payment gateways allow for seamless monetary transactions that make websites into e-commerce sites.

RPinfocare provides solutions for developing Apps for your websites at a very low cost, all the websites developed by rpinfocare are Responsive by default. that your website is always ready for mobiles/devices of different screen sizes.


The e-commerce blast in India is perfectly complemented by the sprouting of numerous start-ups businesses, the Internet penetration, the accessibility to the net & the growing demand for e-commerce. For web providers like RPinfocare, there’s never been a better time to be in business! It’s time to exploit the opportunity!


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