Emerging Digital India: Get your Business Online

Narendra Modi, the now Prime Minister of India, creates a steer in India by initiating the Digital India Mission, no doubt it will create more opportunity for jobs & self-employment. This Digital India Missions Success will bring India in the front seat of developed countries in the World. It will create more business opportunities as a start-ups, & boost e-commerce / Online services. it will change the life’s of Indian citizens.

How do small and medium businesses in India keep abreast of the changing digital landscape? Companies, Organizations & Professionals will bring their business/work to online & compete for more business. In this article, I will tell you how you can get agile in the digital space of India.

First of all Get A Website for your business or profession, because now a days if your business doesn’t have a website then your business is out of the market, so 1st Start by purchasing a domain with your business name, Choose an extension to define your brand. Pick a .Bike, a .Kitchen or a .Camera or an extension from the 700+ available TLDs, Or you can choose any GTLDs like .COM, .NET or .ORG etc, or also you can opt for CTLDs country level domains like .IN is for India, you can also choose .in.net, .co.in, .ind.in etc.

Pick the Right  Web Hosting Package: Your web page loading Speed, bandwidth, Up-time, space & overall speed of your website all depend on the Website hosting package you choose. so lets Start by evaluating your hosting needs:

  • What kind of Website do you want to build?
  • What volume of traffic are you expecting?
  • What applications do you need? Windows or Linux
  • Do you require special Software?

If  you’ve a business that’s just starting out and want to have a website with limited dynamic content, & wants an e-commerce option then it’s wise to opt for a Shared Web Hosting package. This type of hosting is pretty powerful & can sufficiently support 25,000-40,000 monthly unique visitors. RPinfocare offers you unlimited bandwidth and disk space at fantastic prices. Check out our Shared Hosting packages here.

Focus on SEO: Once you’ve got your website developed, hosted & live (Published), it’s time to focus on getting traffic ( viewers/users) to it. Put up quality content relevant to your business, because Content is the king of a website & its very very Important for SEO, use metadata & alt tags, appropriate & relative image names, & remember to update your website content regularly. RPinfocare offers premium robust SEO solution with every website. RPinfocare’s Seo package includes online marketing for your website.

you should think of offline marketing of your website, so put  your website link wherever possible – on hoardings, billboards, newspapers, fliers, banners, visiting cards & anywhere else you seem fit.

And of-course social media is a great platform for you to reach huge traffics & popularize your brand, business or website, RPinfocare SEO Package includes SMO for your website. You should increase your fan base on Facebook, followers on Twitter & linked in etc, you should submit your site into social bookmark websites also & lots more, but don’t worry, RPinfocare will take care all of this.

  • Establish relationships with your audience
  • Build trust & confidence
  • Create awareness for your brand
  • Market your products & offers

Make sure to always active in Social media, respond to any comments, reply’s, likes & so on, engage with your clients, followers etc.

If you want more tips or have any queries, please leave us a comment & we’ll get back to you!


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