Why U Spend Money !!!

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People spend money everyday. You buyitems on a regular basis or whenever you need them. Sometimes, you indulge in purchases because you are tempted. Do you keep track of yourspending? The fact is that many people do not feel the need to know how much they are spending and on what items and services. Buying on impulse directly affects planning for your monthly budget.

  Read about what influences your spending.

Marketing Strategy

The average individual spends a portion of his monthly income on items he does not need. Why does he do it? The answer is advertising. Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with advertisements and marketing gimmicks. From banners and billboards to television commercials, everything is designed to entice you to make a purchase.

The advertising and marketing industry is worth hundreds of crores of rupees. The industry is geared towards finding ways to convince you to give…

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