It Begins in Kitchen

Oil is Well

A diet rich in olive oil and almonds can enhance potency, drive and fertility. While green olives make men more virile, black ones increase a woman’s sex drive.

Layers of Pleasure

They may smell bad, but onions can work magic in your sex life. Peel off the white layer, crush and fry in pure butter. This is an excellent aphrodisiac tonic if taken regularly with a spoon of honey on empty stomach.

O for orgasms

Oranges and lemons have anti-oxidant effects. They help protect the sex organs, keep them working smoothly, and enhance arousal, sensitivity as well as orgasms.

Tropical Delight

Bananas can ignite passion in the bedroom. How? They contain bromelain, an enzyme believed to stimulate the male libido. Rich in potassium and B vitamins (particularly riboflavin), they’re good for testosterone production.

The Nuts and Bolts of Better Sex

Ignore peanuts at your peril. They have all the zinc you need to perk up your sex life. Low zinc levels can lead to poor libido in women and low sperm count in men. The mineral also builds sex hormones. Nuts are generally good for sexual wellness.

Beans There Do That

Good for sexual stimulation, soyabean products contain chemicals that resemble the female hormone oestrogen. They also help protect against prostate and other cancers by preventing tumour growth.

Dates are Dandy

Their frequent use is said to be a factor behind the abundant libido of Middle-Eastern men. Soak them in honey if you are looking for a libido booster. An excellent source of iron, it also strengthens the ovulation process in women.


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