Man vs comodo dragon

Here is the story of Agustinus Jenaru who didn’t fear to fight with a Komodo Dragon to save his life. This incident was reported by a national park authority today.

Komodo dragon

In a rare but yet thrilling incident an Indonesian worker was attacked by a Komodo dragon. The worker then kept on punching the dangerous reptile’s snout until the later released the worker and fled.

The attacked worker is Agustinus Jenaru, who is a 20 year old chap and he was working inside an unfinished wooden bungalow on Rinca Island when the dangerous reptile attacked him. The lizard was estimated to be almost 6.5-foot (two meter) which after entering the scene bit onto the left hand of the unfortunate worker on Saturday. This was later reported by the Komodo National Park official Daniel Bolu Ngongo.

Ngongo also said that Agustinus Jenaru, in order to save himself from the clutches of the dragon hit the jaws of the huge reptile with all his might for several seconds. Ultimately, unable to bear the punches, the Komodo dragon let him go. Subsequently Jenaru was taken to a nearby clinic by the national park authorities for treatment of lacerations and a puncture wound.

It is noteworthy that Komodo dragons are rare species of reptiles which are only found on the islands in the eastern part of Indonesia like Komodo Islands, Padar and Rinca. Because of this they are called Komodo dragons. It is estimated that their numbers are decreasing day by day and at present it is estimated that less than 4000 species are left in the Eastern Indonesian region. These reptiles can be really big in size as they can grow longer than 10 feet and their average weight is around 150 pounds (70 kilograms).

Jenaru was the second unfortunate victim of this huge lizard this year although he was lucky enough to survive the attack. In an unfortunate incident in 2007 an 8 year old boy was killed by a Komodo dragon on Komodo Island.


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