Whats on your teens Mind ???

It’s not easy becoming a teenager. Those hormones are driving the teens nuts. W understand that. But, with equal measure, dealing with children becoming adults overnight is just as difficult for us to cope with too. If your child has transformed into a ogre since he/she reached the landmark 13, don’t start climbing the walls already!

Teens are under pressure and would you like to know what causes the pressure teens are feeling? You may be surprised by the answers they give.


Today’s teens say, they feel a lot of pressure to get good grades. Nearly half (44 percent) name that as their top worry. The next biggest worry is pressure to get into a good college (32 percent).

A major worry for teens is the boy-girl relationship. Many feel depressed and alone because they just can’t seem to connect with that special someone. It makes them feel inadequate and undesirable and often can be the cause of serious depression.

It’s surprising, but at the most vibrant and alive time of their lives, almost one third of teens worry about death and their own mortality. As a matter of fact, for many, it’s their biggest fear.


Money is right up there as well as one of the biggest worries for teens. A lot of today’s world revolves around having all the right to

ys. Teens without money might not have a cell phone, computer, or I Pod and in many ways, this can take them right out of the loop as far as friends and being informed about what it going on. The time has long passed when the land phone in the bedroom was a teens best friend.

Money also ties in with peer pressure. Friends might keep asking “why don’t you have a cell phone?” Why don’t you have a computer?” On top of that, teens are under pressure to dress in the latest styles and keep their appearance up to the standards of their peers. To not be able to do this is hard on a teen emotionally and often will lead to an inferiority complex.

Sex is a major issue among teens. They consider having sex as “COOL” and fashion statement. But often don’t care about the end results. Getting pregnant is not the fear but also they can catch up various STD and virus through unprotected sex. Teen sex it is not about love, it is more like trying out something new for the first time and when you have finished – move on.

Sex is sex, but to make love is a nicer way to describe two people coming together in body unison where sad teenager the sex has meaning. Teen sex if in comparison with fashion is ideal if you not only wear clothes but a condom too.


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