How 2 choose your Perfumes ?

When you choose a perfume, you are expressing something about the way you want to see yourself or your “fragrance personality”. Do you want to feel fresh and clean? Exotic and energetic? Youthful or woman-of-the-world?


What is your perfume


The division of fragrances according to hair and skin types is no longer valid mainly because of changes in our everyday diet which has become varied. Therefore, every woman may choose perfume she likes and wants to wear following her intuition, taste and personality. The only test she should do to find out if she likes the scent or not is to spray a bit of perfume on her skin.

Give your nose ‘smelling’ breaks !

Perfume shopping isn’t something you can do in a single day, because after a few sprays at the samples counter, the sensors in your nose shut off and either you can’t smell the perfumes you’re trying on, or they blend and create a perfume that doesn’t really exist. At that point, you may find yourself coming home with something that turns out to smelling completely different from the way it did in the store. The fragrance didn’t change during the car ride home: after a half-hour or so of not being exposed to fragrances, your nose just started working again!

Take lots of breaks when shopping for perfume. Whenever possible, start with lighter scents, so your nose won’t be overpowered early on. If you’re looking for something rich and heady, test one or two fragrances, wander off to shop for something else or grab a cup of coffee, and return in 20 minutes or more to try a couple more.

See what’s good for you, not what’s popular

Do not decide to buy the best-known brand of perfume or the one which is “on top” at the moment. This may not be a good idea at all.

Read the package thoroughly Smell on the skin

You can sometimes find lighter scents by reading the descriptions on the packaging: packaging is often colored to reflect the overall tone of the scent, so that you will often find fruity scents in bright packages, rich, complex ones in deep reds or browns, and light florals in pastel colors. Some perfumes made for the ‘teens and ‘tweens are heavy with sweet, aqueous scents and florals, often boosted with high-potency citrus. You’ll find them in blues and greens, metallic-finished bottles and high-tech looking packages.

Shop early !

To make a good choice, you should go to the perfumery early in the morning when you can smell things better. However, if you have a cold or you are tired, you should put off your visit till another day.

Don’t confuse your nose

Try perfume on clean, non-perfumed skin. During one test you should try only up to three different fragrances because your nose will not be able to recognize more scents.

Use skin

Do not smell the top of the bottle or its cap because the scent you smell is not the real one. You may smell an odor of alcohol instead. You should not also try perfume on the piece of paper but on your skin.

Don’t but a lot

If you have already decides which perfume to choose, buy the smallest bottle of it. The expiring date of perfumes is usually up to three years from the manufacturing date. Even if you do not use your perfumes often, they may change.

Different perfumes

Different perfumes for different parts of the day

Different fragrances are suitable for different age groups or for different occasions. For example, for a young woman green scents are more suitable than oriental ones. But for the evening meetings or dates you should wear heavier, more sensuous types rather then light ones which, in turn, are suitable for daylight use.

Fresh perfumes are refreshing in summertime while sweet and spicy fragrances can make you happy when the winter comes.


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