What r the benefits of Posture ?

  Having good posture not only looks nice, but is beneficial to your  health . Sitting and standing straight up, not slouched or slumped over, is the recommended way for us to hold ourselves. Doing so requires training and willpower, especially if you already have bad posture. However, the effort it takes to have good posture is worth it.

Improves Appearance

  • Good posture exudes confidence and security and looks a whole lot better than slouching over. In addition, standing up straight with your shoulders back can make you look slimmer, states the SixWise website. When you stand up straight, your stomach naturally draws itself in, decreasing any bulges that occur in the abdomen. Having good posture also makes you appear to look taller. Good posture not only affects the way you look when you stand, but also when you sit in your chair. A person who sits tall with their shoulders back looks as though she is at ease with herself and confident in what she is doing. Contrarily, a person who is slouched over in his chair appears to be depressed, uninterested in what he is doing and even lazy.
  • Improves Orthopedic Health

  • Having good posture is extremely beneficial for your neck and spine. When you slouch over, you put unnecessary strain on your back and neck, which can result in neck strain, lower back pain and even carpal tunnel, suggests the SixWise website. In addition, bad posture can cause abnormal wear on your joints, which can result in arthritis. Moreover, bad posture can cause your spine to become fixed in an abnormal position. Such a condition can lead to disc and nerve damage, constricted blood vessels and nerves.
  • Improves Organ Health

  • Your entire body is benefited when you have good posture. When you carry yourself in the way nature intended, with your shoulders drawn back and your spine in a straight position, your internal organs are positioned in the appropriate areas of your body. When you are slouched over, your spine moves in ways that cause the organs to end up in locations they shouldn’t. Not resting in the intended places can cause the organs to not function as well as they could. In addition, it can throw off your body’s circulation. Standing up straight also prevents unnecessary pressure on your organs, as well as your muscles and ligaments.
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