Be spiritually Healthy

I don’t say that you have to be religious to be spiritually healthy. Yes, prayer helps a lot but we are looking at the health of the universal and personal human spirit. Here’s how you can make your spirit strong!

1. Get a Hobby.

Finding a hobby that you truly enjoy brings a sense of joy. You don’t have to become anxious by pushing yourself beyond your capabilities, yet you can overcome boredom by expanding your skills through learning and being challenged.

2. Be One With Nature.

You don’t have to spend loads of money to go to a national park in order to be one with nature. All you need to do is to open yourself up to it! Heighten your feeling to the natural wonders that are right around you. For example, why not lie on the grass and look at the blue, blue sky. Feel the wooden trunk of a tree’s bark. Grow your own flowers!

Communications with nature can help restore your sense of peace and composure in an otherwise stressful world.

3. Be Alone for Sometime, Each Day

It does not matter if its not a lot of time but being alone can be very wholesome. They give you a break from people, from noise and voices. This is YOUR time.

This time can be spent however you want to and can last as long or as short as your timetable allows. Read a book, exercise, pray, meditate, go for a walk…anything that keeps you with in yourself! Private and alone activities give you a  chance to focus on your own spiritual well-being.

 4. Do Time Management

If you’re going to take time for yourself each day, do plan it. Personal time management skills are essential skills for effective people. People who use these techniques routinely are the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to public service…and people who are happiest and at peace with themselves.

If you learn to manage your time intelligently, you can lessen your nervousness over things you still have left to do and reinforce your assertion that the things truly important to you are getting done.

 5. Do This.

Do something if…

You can do something to improve or advance a situation or relationship.

Let it go if…

If you have an urge to do something that will worsen or aggravate a situation or relationship, then let it go.

 6. Detach!!

By practicing a sense of detachment, you can release anger, sadness, anxiety, or fear when it has a hold on you. If you find the thing really isn’t that important to your life, knowing so will help you more easily let it go.


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