Diet according to blood type

Each blood type evolved at a different point in history so we should adopt diets similar to those our ancestors had when our blood group evolved. By eating foods that your personal blood type can easily digest, you will lose weight, feel healthier and be happier.

Blood group O’s plan
O is the oldest blood group, so people with this type feel best and stay slimmest on a ‘hunter’ type diet like our ancestors. Os tend to be high achievers with lots of energy and are very organised.
Drop a dress size: Follow a high-protein diet — being vegetarian will mean you’re always hungry and snack on carbs, causing problems with blood sugar and metabolism.
Foods to eat freely: Lean meats, fish. Foods to avoid: Too much dairy or carbs.
Personal exercise plan: An hour of cardio a day and workout in the morning rather than the evening. Jogging, cycling, swimming or brisk walking are also perfect.

Blood group B’s plan
No blood type epitomises the ‘everything in moderation’ expression more than B. It evolved at a time when people travelled more, so meat, vegetables and grains were eaten in a more balanced way. You have a strong, healthy constitution and tend to be very downto-earth and practical.
Drop a dress size: Combining the O and A diet — a bit of everything. Lucky type Bs generally find it easiest to lose weight.
Foods to eat freely: Meat, fish, coffee, vegetables and wheat-free grains.
Foods to avoid: Processed foods.
Personal exercise plan: You’re drawn to moderate exercise, which uses your brain as well as your body. Team sports such as netball or dancing classes, two to three times a week are perfect.

Blood group A’s plan
This blood group evolved later than O, when people farmed more than hunted, so you need less protein and more grains. Group As tend to be highly creative, good problem-solvers and can be very sensitive.
Drop a dress size: Eat less meat and more vegetables, wholemeal carbs. Foods to eat freely: Nuts, seeds, cereals, pasta, fruit and vegetables.
Foods to avoid: Dairy if prone to allergies, too much meat.
Personal exercise plan: Group As are often less active than Os, needing just 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day. Yoga, Tai chai, walking and an outdoor lifestyle suit As best.

Blood group AB’s plan
A combination of types A and B, you have dietary components of both and can eat just about anything. ABs have a canny knack of being creative, having a good head for business and getting on with people.
Drop a dress size: Avoid too much meat. Pack your diet with vegetarian foods and treat meat as a treat.
Foods to eat freely: Fish, vegetables, carbs and grains.
Foods to avoid: Too much meat.
Personal exercise plan: Mix it up by appealing to your calm side with yoga or Pilates once a week and a couple of sessions of something more intense such as light jogging.


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